The emetriq website features smart display ads tailored to your interests. You can deactivate this service at any time if you do not wish to see these ads.


If you would like to block interest-targeted display ads, please click the DEACTIVATE button below.


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This service is now fully activated.

Would you prefer not to see interest-targeted display ads? You can deactivate the display of interest-specific advertising at any time. If you do this, you will no longer receive display ads from any of our customers.

Note: Deactivation here will only turn off interest-targeted ads from our customers. Other service providers will still be able to show display ads in your browser. (Please contact them directly if you would like to deactivate their display ad service.)


  • Deactivation is managed via a small text file on your machine called a cookie. To maintain your deactivated status, it is important that you do not delete this cookie or allow it to be deleted by computer programs from other providers.
  • Deactivation does not relate to you as a person. It relates to specific browsers on specific computers. Please therefore be sure to deactivate this service on all browsers (e.g. Safari, Firefox) on all computers that you use.