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We take programmatic advertising and make it more relevant, more targeted, and more equitable. As specialists in data-driven online marketing and one of the leading providers of targeted advertising in Germany, we combine the reach of best-in-class marketers with the hard facts and intent data of big-name suppliers in what is the country’s largest data pool. A subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, we – that’s our staff of 90 – are also the initiators of the first deterministic cross-device network in Germany and are in love with data. We are emetriq.

Our vision is a world in which everyone enjoys fair access to data as fuel for innovative concepts and true diversity. That’s why we treat our partners as equals and work hand in hand with them – day in, day out – to create a self-reinforcing data ecosystem.”

Claas Voigt, Managing Director

Our products: emetriq Data

We take the high-reach, top-quality data provided by our 27 premium partners and combine it in Germany’s largest data pool. The result is that we can offer more than 100 million active profiles for programmatic advertising – and an intelligent system for precision-targeting them. Besides the over 400 emetriq segments bookable in standard DSPs, we can also offer custom segments compiled to match your specific target group.

Our products: emetriq Media

With more than 10 years’ experience as Germany’s targeted advertising pioneers, we can provide everything you need for a successful performance marketing campaign online: proprietary RTA technology, target-group parameters drawn from Germany’s most comprehensive data pool, and – most importantly – media experts who can offer controlled campaign execution as a managed service. Our advanced retargeting is a guarantee for your performance marketing success.

Got questions? Here’s how to reach us:

Kai Hissnauer
t +49 40 80813 7053
e sales@emetriq.com

Merle Klein
t +49 40 80813 7028
e sales@emetriq.com

Sedat Altinok
t +49 40 80813 7043
e sales@emetriq.com

emetriq GmbH

Vorsetzen 35
20459 Hamburg

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