We bring relevance, precision and fairness to online advertising.

At emetriq, we believe cooperation is the key to success. Which is why we are enlisting the support of key industry partners under the banner of the Intelligent Data Alliance (IDA) to jointly develop Germany’s biggest marketing data pool.

Architect of Germany’s biggest marketing data pool

By creating and constantly expanding Germany’s biggest and most trusted marketing data pool, we are offering all participating marketers and advertisers (and their agencies) maximum-scale data sets of unprecedented quality. This gives them the quality audience segments and high-performance campaigns they need in order to position themselves effectively in the market.

Initiator of German data standards

Together with our Intelligent Data Alliance partners, we are developing a German data standard for socio-demographic and personal-interests segments. This standard streamlines media planning and ordering for all market participants and guarantees uniform-quality audience segments across all marketers.

Driver of innovative market initiatives

We do a lot more than just organise and manage Germany’s biggest marketing data pool. We also leverage the pool to drive joint market initiatives, business models and products that give you and your partners flexibility in the face of changing market conditions.

Provider of system-independent solutions

We feed our audience segment data directly into our partners’ existing targeting and delivery systems, thereby ensuring seamless integration into existing campaign processes.