Read on to find out how customers can leverage emetriq Prospects to zero in on their target audience using your inventory and generate maximum reach for their campaigns.


Automotive manufacturing

Target audience

Model-specific audience segments – to be reached via segment-specific media


The customer wants to reach users who have a high level of interest in its cars. But because audience segments differ markedly from model to model, they need to be defined with extreme precision so that the customer can then reach each one using tailored media. These extreme specificity requirements mean that the segments can be defined only on the basis of the customer’s own data.


emetriq Prospects

Step 1

emetriq provides the customer with a script that it integrates on a one-off basis into its website. Added benefit: if the customer so wishes, the script can also be used by its service providers or by the marketers and service providers affiliated with the Intelligent Data Alliance, thereby saving the customer a lot of time and effort, as the data would only need to be captured once. The code is safe and has no effect on structure or loading times. Note: emetriq will never pass on data to third parties whom the customer has not authorized as recipients.

Step 2

The script transfers anonymised information, such as “interest in this model” and “test drive,” to a separate, secure area. This ensures that the data do not become part of the pool and that they are used exclusively for identifying the audience segments.

Step 3

emetriq develops an algorithm which compares the customer’s website users with users in the Intelligent Data Alliance data pool and makes matches based on typical behaviours and characteristics. In this way, the customer’s emetriq Prospects audience segments become increasingly accurate and adapt flexibly to new trends and market conditions.

Step 4

emetriq makes the defined emetriq Prospects audience segments available to the marketers affiliated with the Intelligent Data Alliance (IDA). All that remains for the customer or its media agency to do is book the campaign with the customer’s preferred marketers so that delivery of the campaign can be initiated.

Step 5

The selected marketers optimize the campaigns in their own portfolios and work directly with the customer.

Step 6

emetriq continuously optimizes the algorithms and incorporates the customer’s requirements so that the targeting of the campaign is optimized. Meanwhile, in the background, the Intelligent Data Alliance data pool continues to grow – to the benefit of all parties.

Exclusive opportunity

Perhaps you would like one of your customers to be able to use you as an exclusive provider of campaigns based on the above emetriq Prospects logic? Or perhaps you’d just rather not wait for emetriq to steer customers your way? No problem! We can build algorithms and target segments especially for you so that you can impress your customers with tailored solutions.

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