At last I can benefit from emetriq’s solutions for advertisers: emetriq Prospects.

Would you like to participate in today’s rapid growth in sales of fine-grain targeted advertising based on customer data? emetriq Prospects enables advertisers to leverage the marketers and publishers affiliated with the Intelligent Data Alliance to precision-target potential new customers and realise cross-selling opportunities – and generate added advertising sales for you.

Emetriq-Pfeil-Web emetriq puts you in contact with advertisers.
Emetriq-Pfeil-Web This enables you to benefit from added campaign volumes.
Emetriq-Pfeil-Web These advertisers book space directly with you.
Emetriq-Pfeil-Web This is true even in the case of guaranteed-inventory cooperatives or real-time advertising.
Emetriq-Pfeil-Web emetriq looks after all aspects of technical implementation.
Emetriq-Pfeil-Web emetriq optimizes its algorithms so that they are aligned with your customers’ objectives and targets.
Emetriq-Pfeil-Web Management of the campaigns rests with you, and you continue to work directly with your customers.

Find out here how your customers can leverage emetriq Prospects to zero in on their target audiences using your inventory and generate maximum reach for their campaigns.

Want to find out more? Generate new sales? Convert your customers’ data into higher-value campaigns? Become a partner in the Intelligent Data Alliance? Contact us! We’re here to help.


emetriq Classics

I want to offer my customers effective campaigns targeted at standard audience segments.


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My customers and I need our own custom audience segments.