Read on to find out how you can use emetriq Customs to offer your customer a campaign that is tightly focused on its audience segment and generates maximum reach.


Insurance services

Target audience

People interested in travel and financial services


Up until now, your customer has been buying targeting campaigns that involve combining various standard audience segments – e.g. “interested in travel” plus “finance and business” – but doubts that this is the best way of reaching its target audience. For starters, these audience segments are defined differently by different marketers. And even when combined, they are still not specific enough for your customer’s requirements. Your customer now wishes to order a campaign from you that identifies its audience segment accurately and ensures that its ad is seen only by those users who are planning a trip.


emetriq Customs

Step 1

The Intelligent Data Alliance data pool contains countless items of hard data, semantic information and the results of analyses of website visits.

Step 2

You yourself market two travel search engines that are used by people who are currently planning their next trip. Up until now, you have not been able to put these data to real use, e.g. because they have insufficient reach.

Step 3

emetriq develops an algorithm that draws heavily on data from your search engines to accurately identify data that match the audience segment specified by your customer. The algorithm aggregates this data to generate an audience segment that is specific to your customer’s requirements.

Step 4

In order to maximize the reach of the campaigns, emetriq develops an algorithm which compares your website users with users in the Intelligent Data Alliance data pool and makes matches based on typical behaviours and characteristics. In this way, your emetriq Customs audience segment and the reach of your campaigns grow ever bigger and more accurate and adapt flexibly to new trends and market conditions.

Step 5

The audience segment generated by emetriq Customs is also relevant to various of your other customers, .e.g. rental car companies, so you decide to include it in your sales portfolio, thereby multiplying your returns.


If you don’t already have your own data (such as the search engine visitor data in this example), you can collect it using online surveys.

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