Finally, a solution that gives my customer and me our own custom audience segments: emetriq Customs.

Looking for audience data that’s fully customised to your specific online marketing requirements or those of your customers? You need emetriq Customs.

Emetriq-Pfeil-Web Customised audience segments
Emetriq-Pfeil-Web The power of big data
Emetriq-Pfeil-Web Maximum reach
Emetriq-Pfeil-Web For guaranteed campaigns (with all banner formats, including all special formats) and real-time ad space selling

Find out here how you can use emetriq Customs to offer your customers campaigns that accurately target their audience segments and generate maximum reach.

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emetriq Classics

I want to offer my customers effective campaigns targeted at standard audience segments.


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I’d like to benefit from solutions that emetriq offers advertisers or even offer them myself as an exclusive provider.