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emetriq and Germany’s Intelligent Data Alliance (IDA) make it easy for you as a marketer or publisher to offer your advertising customers outstanding data driven campaigns.

Welcome to Germany’s biggest marketing data pool. It’s where the country’s leading marketers, advertisers and publishers are combining their user data securely and in anonymous form. Their aim: to offer their customers superior data products independently of the dominant global players and to grow their business. It is a strong alliance that already includes 8 of the top 12 online markets affiliated with Germany’s Working Group for Online Media Research (AGOF).

All partners contribute their data to the pool and share in the benefits of increased scale. Say, for example, you have 5 million unique users per month. Well, the pool has eleven times that volume!

So wouldn’t it make eminent sense to leverage our 55 million unique users to offer targeting campaigns to first-time visitors to your website or to visitors who return after having deleted your cookies?

The audience segment data we supply for targeting campaigns meet the highest standards of validity because they are constantly benchmarked and optimized against the online panel data provided by the respected international consumer research institute GfK. So you can be assured of receiving the best possible data, whether you’re looking for standard audience segments (emetriq Classics), custom audience segments (emetriq Customs) or fine-grain definition of audience segments using data supplied by your customers (emetriq Prospects).

Plus: We’re happy to hand the resulting segment data over to you. We’ll transfer it to your adserver, DMP, SSP, etc., so that you can continue to support your customers with your own tried and tested processes and USPs.

Welcome to the Intelligent Data Alliance. Welcome to emetriq. Let us empower your data!

emetriq Classics

I want to offer my customers effective campaigns targeted at standard audience segments.


emetriq Customs

My customers and I need custom audience segments.


emetriq Prospects

I’d like to benefit from solutions that emetriq offers advertisers or even offer them myself as an exclusive provider.


Take a look at our application examples of segment-specific campaigns and maximum reach generation.

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