Read on to find out how e-commerce providers can use emetriq and the Intelligent Data Alliance (IDA) to build up their own in-house data driven advertising capability:




The e-commerce provider knows that data driven advertising is a critical competitive factor for its business. Hence its strong desire to have control over the necessary core capabilities. It works closely with a number of service providers and has opted for both a DMP solution and a DSP. The e-commerce provider has plenty of data, but it’s limited in scope to past customers and users of its website – in other words, an audience it already retargets extensively. The problem here is that the future success of the provider’s business depends on it winning new customers. It has already tried SEA and various other options, but without success. Right now, what the provider needs in order to win new high-potential customers for its shop is new data. Unfortunately, it’s finding this new data hard to find – which is why its sales with new customers have been flat for some time. Its new customer acquisition campaigns with Facebook have been successful, but it doesn’t like the fact that the campaigns are totally tied to the Facebook medium and that it can’t access the really important audience segment data and use it in other media.


emetriq Partner

Step 1

The e-commerce provider becomes an Intelligent Data Alliance (IDA) partner with emetriq and contributes its data to the shared data pool. It withholds only data that is competition-sensitive.

Step 2

emetriq supplies the e-commerce provider with a script that it integrates on a one-off basis into its website. The e-commerce provider very clearly and accurately specifies which of its data the script can transfer to emetriq. It also hands over specially designated data which are critical for its business but which must not be fed into the data pool.

Step 3

The e-commerce provider integrates the script. The specified data are now collected and transferred to emetriq on an ongoing basis.

Step 4

Because it has contributed a significant volume of data to the pool, the partner is entitled to draw aggregated and anonymised data from the pool.

Step 5

emetriq regularly transfers to the e-commerce provider all emetriq Classics segment allocations for practically every user in Germany. The e-commerce provider can now use this data in its DMP and DSP.

Step 6

The e-commerce provider has come to appreciate the value of the system and signs up for emetriq Prospects to gain access to precision-tailored segments containing potential new customers.

Step 7

emetriq uses the e-commerce provider’s specially designated data in order to find matches with potential new customers in the data pool and allocate them to precision-tailored audience segments.

Step 8

These precision-tailored new-customer segments are also released to the e-commerce provider’s DMP and DSP. If requested by the e-commerce provider, this segment data is also released to the marketers affiliated with the Intelligent Data Alliance for the purpose of buying ad space.

Step 9

The e-commerce provider can now use its own DSP to buy campaigns based on the emetriq-generated new-customer segments. In addition, it can use the segment data in its DMP to build up its own segment-generation capability and to leverage its own highly specific CRM expertise, which it has built up over the course of many years as an online retailer. It also successfully buys ad space from the Intelligent Data Alliance-affiliated marketers based on the new-customer segments that have been specifically generated and optimized for it by emetriq. In this way, the e-commerce provider can enhance the performance of its campaigns, increase its advertising, advertise more efficiently and, what’s more, gradually build up its own capabilities so that it can avoid being dependent on a small handful of partners.

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