Find out here how you can monetize your valuable data with emetriq Branded Segments.




100,000 users with the following attributes:

Aged 20-30, with young families, looking for a spacious family car (brand new).


To find the best way for the data provider to monetize its data on this extremely valuable audience segment. The data provider would like to extend the reach of its data on this segment without sacrificing its quality and offer the result on a range of DSPs.


emetriq Branded Segments (Extended Version)

Step 1

emetriq integrates valuable raw data from a data provider into its system

Step 2

emetriq develops an algorithm that compares the data provider’s users with users in the emetriq data pool and finds matches based on typical behaviours and attributes. In this way, emetriq extends the reach of the data provider’s segment data without sacrificing data quality. The resulting extended audience segment comprises 1,250,000 users – i.e. 12.5 times the reach of the original dataset – and is of the same high quality.

Step 3

emetriq distributes the resulting segment as a branded segment (i.e. bearing the data provider’s name) to various platforms (SSPs, DSPs or adserver systems) so that advertisers and agencies can use it to extend the reach of their campaigns.

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