At last I can use my data to harness the full power of data driven advertising – as a partner in the Intelligent Data Alliance (IDA).

Become a partner in emetriq’s Intelligent Data Alliance. As an IDA partner, you’ll be able to leverage the full power of Germany’s biggest marketing data pool to boost your own data driven advertising capability.

You won’t be disappointed. Our data pool is getting bigger by the day, as more and more big-name marketers and advertisers combine their data in a secure, privacy-compliant and trusted repository in order to gain independence from the incumbent data oligopoly.

You too can use Germany’s leading data alliance to take your data driven advertising to the next level. As a partner, you will have access to all the data you need. You will be able to use this data in your own systems, thereby quickly building up your own data driven advertising capability, which you can then use independently of the Intelligent Data Alliance.

Only with emetriq. Let us empower your data!

Your benefits:

The Intelligent Data Alliance will put an instant end to your data drought. Because with us, the golden rule is that all partners benefit from the data in the pool. The result is a powerful data collective that yields maximum data quality and quantity.

The Intelligent Data Alliance makes you independent.

Emetriq-Pfeil-Web Build up your own big data capability and be independent of third-party data.

Emetriq-Pfeil-Web You can use all of the Intelligent Data Alliance’s aggregated and anonymised data in your own systems or in the systems of your service providers.

Emetriq-Pfeil-Web As a partner, you will be media-independent because you will be free to place ads wherever works best for you.

The Intelligent Data Alliance makes you secure.

Emetriq-Pfeil-Web Your data are 100% protected, and emetriq has measures in place to prevent the pool from being abused for unfair competition among partners.

Emetriq-Pfeil-Web When selecting new partners, we take great care to ensure that they are a good fit for existing partners.

Emetriq-Pfeil-Web Consequently, only advertisers and marketers who will strengthen the alliance over the long term are permitted to contribute data to the pool.

Emetriq-Pfeil-Web All partners are subject to the same stringent rules around data misuse, image protection and fairness.

Find out here how e-commerce providers can use emetriq and the Intelligent Data Alliance (IDA) to build up their own in-house data driven advertising capability:

Keen to find out more about the Intelligent Data Alliance and your options for becoming a partner? Contact us! We’re here to help.