Read on to find out how emetriq Customs can enable you to accurately target your audience and generate maximum reach for your campaign.


Insurance services

Target audience

Families interested in financial services


Up until now, the customer has been buying targeting campaigns that involve combining various standard audience segments – e.g. “family” plus “finance and business” – but doubts that this is the best way of reaching its target audience. For starters, these audience segments are defined differently by different marketers. And even when combined, they are still not specific enough for the customer’s requirements. Consequently, the customer has instructed its media agency to develop a custom target audience definition: family with children under 18, conservative, security-oriented, interested in finance optimization and protecting their current standard of living. It is important that the customer is free to use both guaranteed ad space buying and real-time buying via its DSP.


emetriq Customs

Step 1

emetriq develops an algorithm which as accurately as possible identifies users who match the specified audience segment. It does this using hard data, semantic information and the results of analyses of website visits.

Step 2

The newly generated audience segment data are made available to emetriq’s marketing partners. The customer’s media agency then books the campaign with the customer’s preferred marketers. Delivery of the campaign begins.

Step 3

emetriq captures and records user reactions to the display ads and generates further data in order to define the target audience even more precisely. In this way, the algorithm is continuously optimized and adapted to new trends and market conditions.


Online surveys can be used to further refine the audience segment and the targeting of the campaign.

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