emetriq Customs: my very own custom target audience.

Looking for audience data that’s customised to your specific online marketing requirements? emetriq Customs can deliver it.

Emetriq-Pfeil-Web Customised audience segments
Emetriq-Pfeil-Web No need for your own data – emetriq Customs will provide it for you
Emetriq-Pfeil-Web The power of big data
Emetriq-Pfeil-Web Maximum reach
Emetriq-Pfeil-Web Plus the full range of media services offered by Germany’s top online marketers

Find out here how emetriq Customs can enable you to accurately target your audience and generate maximum reach for your campaign.

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emetriq Classics

I want advertising that accurately targets standard audience segments.


emetriq Prospects

I want to leverage my own data to reach potential new customers.