Read on to find out how emetriq Classics can enable you to accurately target your audience and generate maximum reach for your campaign.



Target audience

Female, 30 to 39 years old, with children


To tailor the campaign closely to the audience segment in order to achieve greater reach plus consistently high-quality results whether using guaranteed ad space buying or real-time buying via DSP.


emetriq Classics

Step 1

emetriq aggregates a large volume of hard data in the Intelligent Data Alliance data pool.

Step 2

For each segment, emetriq develops specific algorithms based on the hard data in the pool. The algorithms also take into account non-specific data, such as “Which website did the user visit?” and “Which article did s/he read?” so that users for whom there are no hard data are still clearly assigned to audience segments.

Step 3

As an additional step to ensure that the algorithms are accurate, they are compared with the online panel data provided by the consumer research institute GfK and continually refined until they optimally define each audience segment.

Step 4

The audience segments generated by emetriq Classics are then made available to the participating marketers. In this way, the customer gets the same quality results whichever marketer it uses and whether it is buying guaranteed campaigns via adservers or using real-time ad space buying.

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