Find out here how an IT service provider can leverage emetriq Branded Segments to achieve maximum reach for its campaign.


B2B, information technology

Target audience

Top-level decision makers, aged 40+


The customer wants high-reach B2B segments, but there are very few of them available on the market. The customer also wants to know where the data used for the segments comes from and to ensure that they are of high quality. It plans to use the segments for a high-reach campaign in its DSP.


emetriq Branded Segments
(Pure or Extended Version)

Step 1

One of emetriq’s data providers operates a multi-regional online network for CEOs, senior executives and business decision makers. The registration area of the network gives the data provider access to anonymised information on the exact professional background and age of the network’s users. Up until now, these data have not been particularly useful for advertising purposes because, among other things, their reach was too limited.

emetriq integrates the data provider’s valuable raw data into its system

Step 2

emetriq offers the raw data to the IT service provider in two forms:

Pure: The existing, unadulterated segment data as provided by the data provider.

Extended: Audience extension using look-alike modelling

based on the emetriq data pool.

The customer books the Extended Version of the segment for its high-reach campaign.

Step 3

emetriq distributes the resulting audience segment to the relevant DSP so that the IT service provider can use it for its campaign.

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