emetriq Branded Segments give me maximum reach for big campaigns.

Access to high-quality intent data from big-name data providers from a range of industries, including automotive, financial services, travel, real estate, market research and price comparison

Emetriq-Pfeil-Web  Germany’s biggest marketing data pool: 80 million active profiles
Emetriq-Pfeil-Web  Branded segments distributed to an extremely wide range of platforms (e.g. Adex, Google, Adform, etc.)
Emetriq-Pfeil-Web  Minimal technical overhead – easy implementation
Emetriq-Pfeil-Web  Total transparency around data origin and anonymisation
Emetriq-Pfeil-Web  Risk-free billing thanks to usage-based CPM

Pure Version

Unadulterated hard facts as provided by the data provider – no extrapolations or estimates.

Extended Version

Audience extension using look-alike modelling based on the emetriq data pool.

Find out here how an IT service advertiser can leverage emetriq Branded Segments to achieve maximum reach for its campaign.

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emetriq Classics

I want advertising that accurately targets standard audience segments.


emetriq Customs

I want my own custom audience segment.